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 POWERLED E14 en E27 Retrofitlampen van Line Lite International.

Welkom op de produktpagina van Line Lite International

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KEMA KEUR Recognitions for PowerLED E14/E27 Retrofit lamps of Line Lite International B.V. ®
Line Lite International B.V.® is proud to announce that on August 5th 2009 KEMA has issued KEMA KEUR Recognitions for all PowerLED E14/E27 Retrofit lamps.

We have received approval to carry the official and formal labels issued under KEMA KEUR Recognition.
All 230 Volts PowerLED E14/E27 LED Retrofit lamps made by us went through an exhaustive 18 months extensive procedure before receiving this approval and issued just in time for the first phasing out of the Ban-the-Bulb campaign of the EEC Line Lite International B.V.® states that all its PowerLED lamps are subject to an 72 hours Burn-in-Test in our High Tech Manufacturing Facility, as well subject to 5000 x On / Off switching, prior to packaging.

We grow a lot faster than our competition because of our $ per Watt and Lumen per $ and Pricing structure for the Trade, Manufacturing, Distributing B-to-B only id best benchmark. We will manufacture shortly the most complete and certified Family of LED Lamps,
making history for better lighting. At stake is our Office, our House, our Stores, and what other Product Market Applications
are to create with this miniaturization as well disruptive Lighting Technologies for our Green and Sustainable future.

Step into Climate Protection with us
380 Lm/WW/2850K
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